Derpletter 5 : Album Release/Party


Heyoooooo! Welcome to Derpletter number 5! As you may know, we just released another single off our soon to be released debut LP, Little Death. Throw it on in the background while you dig into the derp. 

Swirl is a real morning time, candle lit bath, yoga session kind of track, you know? I tried to make the track as honest and minimal as possible to complement Jenny’s lyrics, who themselves are extremely honest and vulnerable.

We are really lucky to be working with Nancy Lee of Chapel Sound as the director for the video of this single. It’ll be coming out in April following the album release. Here’s a little preview of the fun we had on set this past week:

Speaking of the album, it’s being released on… drumroll plz… MARCH 24th! You may have heard a lot of the tracks as we’ve been releasing them as singles over the past year, but we’ve gone back in on all of the tracks with our good friend Astrological, to revamp, and re-mix all of these bad boys (or girls, happy Women’s Day). Then we handed off our baby to David Pimentel aka Juno winning producer POMO for mastering. Gaht dayum did they both do a fantastic job. We’re overjoyed with the entire piece as an album and excited to release it worldwide! It will be available on all streaming platforms and for physical purchase on our online store, as well as any of our shows.

Speaking of shows… we’re doing a HUGE show at Celebrities Underground on March 18th to celebrate the release of this album!

We’ve really gone all out with this show to turn it into a fully immersive experience. As I mentioned in previous Derpletters, we’ve started collaborating with Pacific Wild and will be using the footage that they shoot of the Great Bear Rainforest in Northern BC as the backdrop for the performance, as well as the foundation for the concepts of the installations for the night. Laine Butler will be manipulating said footage live all night, and our pals at ShapeShifterStudio will be transforming the venue. Think fractal forest... underground ;)

In combination with physical context, we have also invited a few of our friends to play with us that night :

A-Ro will be setting the early night vibes with a vinyl DJ set.

withinroots will be doing a live performance of potently soulful live electronic music. He gives me shivers every time I listen to his stuff and, in my opinion, his live performances one up his records.
Jodye will be leading us on the way from live performances into all night dancing vibes with his extremely choice selections of contemporary electronic bangers and perfected mixing abilities.
Tails will be getting deep into the late late night so that we can all go dancing, yes all go all night dancing, dancing. So if you wanna go dancing, ya go go all night dancing, dancing. We will absolutely be providing the vibes.

Derpletter 4 : SQUAAAAAAD!


We have a slew of special guest performers coming on board for I M U R’s set so I do not exaggerate when I say that this will be a performance from us like no other.

Grab your tickets HERE and use the promo code WEAREIMUR to receive $5 off each ticket. We’re getting close to sold out so I would hop on this before they all gone and you have to tell your grandkids about how you almost went to this show but forgot to buy tickets!

You can also find all the other show details on the FB event here :

See you on the 18th! WOOOHOOO!

Mikey & the Gang

DERPLETTER 0000000004

Hey girls, happy Valentines Day! Hope you got some I M U R lined up for your V-Day playlist... Our music is practically made for it after all... Eating chocolate and watching movies on the couch alone, that is.   

In case this is your first time hearing from us, you can find the others HERE, but this edition of the Derpletter is all about :




Josh White is the perfect example of young and hungry. This dude scares the shit out of me with his work ethic and with the amount of progress I’ve seen from him in the past year. He moved to Van from a small town in Northern BC with the sole purpose of progressing his music and integrating himself into the circles of people that he looks up to. He’s not only accomplished this but he’s motivated all the people within those circles to make more moves. But hey I didn’t tell you that Josh, stay humble ok?

So Loki 

If you’re reading this newsletter it's likely that you've heard about Geoffrey Millar (left) and Sam Lucia (right), but on the off chance, these two genuine and compassionate artists are something to get to know… Now. I can’t wait to say “Oh man yea, we did a show with So Loki at the Biltmore in 2015 and there were only like 200 people there. I know!! Yea, we’re pretty cool by association eh?” Their music and events constantly inspire and challenge me to go deeper into my art. Their album release party Comfort In Chaos was one of the most memorable events of 2016, and I still have the mask they gave out. I occasionally use it to abruptly wake up my girlfriend. They’ve got a Feb 17th release coming up, we're pretty excited to see what those boys are gonna come up with next.


Starters of the most inclusive and hustle-minded subsection of the Vancouver music scene, these beautiful people have not only set a blazing trail of an example but set up an entire platform for others’ hustle to be recognized. We’re releasing a remix EP with them real soon here.  

Char Loro

Space curator, experience maker, maven and spider web spinner. Char is a little ball of posi-vibes so potent that in her short time in Vancouver she has already become a force to be reckoned with. She specializes in spaces and creating experiences, going beyond your cookie cutter “artist x venue” event. Her newly opened studio space, Shapeshifter Studios, is hosting a slew of amazing events and we can’t wait to attend every single one. We might be hosting one ourselves there soon!

Mr. Stee

Seeing Stefan Raupach’s progress in the world of electronic production has been quite the spectacle of hustle. Having only begun his journey through the world of Ableton a couple years ago, he’s built a one hour live set of original beat driven music infused with live guitar noodling and a live bassist brother (Torsten Raupach), and put out a 12 track album that is making its first waves in the blogo-sphere. The dude has 25 tracks on soundcloud in less than a year? This is hustle.

Dianna Boss

We’ve had the great honour of doing several colabs with Josh McRae and Sam Steele and gaht dayum did it feel good. These guys have been straight murdering the house scene, garnering hundreds of thousands of plays with their bouncy bubbly tracks. On top of this they’re just the sweetest couple dudes I ever met. Maybe it's because all three of us grew up figure skaters… who knows.


Ghoj-ji baby (Navin Sahjpaul) has been putting out so much amazing ambient music that I know he’s gonna be the new Tycho. Please please, while you’re at work, studying, doing yoga, crying, burning one...throw his Soundcloud on. I promise you every single one of those tracks is maximum chill vibes. Besides being extremely prolific he naturally falls into deep conversation effortlessly. His musical vibes are analogous.

The People North West

(Left to right) Marleau, E Buddah, Creed Taylor, and Tee Krispil have something that hip hop in Vancouver (and in the world) is definitely missing these days and that is BIG LOVE. I’m not sure if you know a guy called Africa Bambaataa, but he said the 4 elements of hip hop are : Peace, love, unity, and having fun. That’s what you get with TPNW so thank you for bringing our souls back to the roots of why hip hop was invented.

Eli Muro

The Edge Lord. I’m lucky enough to share studio space (aka The Floating Castle) with Eli and I’ve been listening to him work on his new full length project and gaht dayum it makes me want to work really hard and just fucking give up at the same time. Eli is an extremely versatile artist that is constantly pushing boundaries. His visual and conceptual game easily match his musical capabilities. Really looking forward to that new album Eli.  

Potatohead People

Nick and Nate were a big reason that I started producing back in 2011, so to be working with them now is somewhat of a dream. Their jazzy head nodding beats are second to only JD himself and their new album (which we may or may not have a feature on...) is set to come out this year on HW&W, a label that is home to the likes of Kayranada, Ta-ku, and STWO. It's been an unbelievable honour being in their shadow.

Nancy Lee & Laine Butler 

Laine Butler is the VJ and visual technician of our dreams, and Nancy Lee is conceptual/visual artist and creative sensation that come one in a million.  When they come together, this is what can happen, big tings :
Nancy and Laine's collaboration, Dispersion, at the Ismaili Centre in Burnaby. We’re very excited to be producing our next music video (set to be released in May) in collaboration with the two of them.

I feel like I could write an entire newsletter about each of these people, and maybe I will one day. But for now, I just want to introduce you to them. These people dedicate their lives to the progression of their art and contributing to their community, our community. We are beyond honoured to work with them. If you can, click through the links attached to the photos and give them a follow on the socials, listen to their music, go to one of their events. They are the people that are changing the face of Vancouver, and the world. DO NOT SLEEP ON THEM!

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Derpletter 3 : Pacific Wild X I M U R


DERPLETTER 0000000003

Hey girls, happy new year, and welcome to 2017! Thank you again for taking the ride with us here on the I M U R derpletter : Issue 0000000003. We put all those zeros there because we fully intend to release over a billion bi-weekly newsletters. Derpletter Issue 1billion will be  41.6 million years from now. I wonder how many soundcloud followers we’ll have by then.
Us after new years/the holidays...

2016 was a crazy year for us! Some cool things happened like passing a million plays on Spotify, our track Trippin On Feet came in at #5 on the Global Viral Billboard charts, releasing our first music video, we added a 3rd member to the band, got to work with some people that we look up to A LOT (more on that in subsequent Derpletters, but let's just say their band name rhymes with Mohato-Shed Steeple), played a shitload of festivals and shows, and got to release some new music with a collective we have MAD respect for! 

Some really fucked up stuff happened in 2016 though... especially worrisome stuff that makes orange coloured skin come to mind and CHYNA! ring in our ears. It got us to thinking about how we can be using our music to help out with the situation. If any of you were at our New Years show at the Anza club, you might have gotten a taste of what we’re scheming on.

Us playing at the Groundwerk New Year's Party. Such a great night. 
In anticipation of the potential soiling of the British Columbia coastline in wake of certain political decisions, we have started working with Pacific Wild, a really cool non-for-profit conservation society based out of Denny Island, BC, in the heart of the Great Bear Rainforest. They develop and implement conservation solutions for the pacific coast of BC in conjunction with First Nations communities, and engage in global advocacy in regards to what is at risk in the GBR. The founder of Pacific Wild, Ian McAllister, is also a wicked photographer and videographer. He’s spent a LOT of time in the GBR photographing and filming this absolutely magical place. Check out some of his work featured in this video Sitka did a few years ago called Fortune Wild : 
Fortune Wild was a colab between Sitka and Pacific Wild.
So in collaboration with Pacific Wild and local VJ extraordinaire Laine Butler, I M U R has incorporated footage provided by Pacific Wild as the basis for the visual aspect of our live performances. Video clips of the breathtaking GBR landscapes (and its woodland creatures) shot by Ian are manipulated live by Laine to set the mood for our psychedelic groovy electronic soul music. Our aim is to show people the beauty of the pacific coast, and get them thinking about what exactly is at stake here. We are also donating a portion of our proceeds from every show that we play to Pacific Wild to further assist their efforts. I am literally so excited about this I can't sit still because the visual rig that we are designing for our new live show around this footage is unreal. We’ll be debuting it at our album release party in early March.

But In the meantime, we have 2 shows coming up this January :

Shake Shake Shake : January 27th @ The Imperial, Vancouver

Fireside Sessions : January 29th @ BNA Brewing Co, Kelowna. Tickets

We'd love to see you there! 


PS Free tickets to Shake Shake Shake to the person who tells us their best moment of 2016. 

Derpletter 2 : Inception Pt 2


DERPLETTER 00000000002

Hey girls, Mikey here. Thanks again for signing up for the Derpletter! We’re so glad to have this more personal way to talk. In case you just came here for the goods, here’s a link to download the I M U R alarm clock that we made especially for you email list subscribers.

The instructions for how to make that into your new alarm clock are written HERE.
If you have only just come to know I M U R you may be wondering whether we are a 2 or a 3 piece band. The answer as of September 13th 2016 is that we are a 3 piece band! Consisting of Jenny on vocals (which are live looped and insanely on point now that we have in-ear monitors for our shows), keys, and effects. Myself on live beat composition, guitar, and sampling, as well as lip syncing every word that Jenny sings while on stage and harassing our third member with thrusting movements and obnoxiously intimate stares… Amine Bouzaher! Who plays bass guitar on some songs, violin on others (both of which he live loops) and he also has some fucking bad ass DJ effects that he’s been throwing down on the live remixed versions of our songs.

What’s that? You didn’t know that we remix our own songs when we play live? That’s totally chill, because you can win a pair of tickets to see us play live on Dec 31st at the Anza Club, Vancouver with the Groundwerk squad at the end of this newsletter!  See, look at you, you’re so happy you signed up for this shit!

Now that we’re all up to speed on WHO exactly makes up I M U R, I wanted to talk about WHAT exactly makes up an I M U R. We had a few responses from the last email newsletter asking about how we got our name. It’s a question that I love to answer because it is constantly evolving. I M U R is pronounced : I am, you are. For me this is spoken from the first person, and acknowledges that the self is constructed not only of what you do, but how others perceive and react to what you do. That the self is actually rooted in the network that you surround yourself with as opposed to just the actions that you do. Similar to Namaste : The divine light in me recognizes and appreciates the divine light in you.

When we had this name for the band among a list of others (one of which was Suspicious Moon Emoji, another was Jenny and the Jizz Sock), we knew that it had the most potential and went for it without considering what it could come to mean. At first it was just about how Jenny and I were coming together with a collective vision about what our sound and performance could look like. But since then it has become about how we can make sure that everyone who comes into contact with us, our music, whether it be in live shows, this newsletter etc, knows that WE ARE all a part of this thing that is I M U R. There is absolutely nothing without the people on the receiving end, you. Just as there is no way to prove that you are alive if you are completely  isolated and all you do is post mean comments on YouTube. This is all about WE ARE I M U R. The whole lot of us.

So for a chance to win those tickets to see us play the Anza on NYE this year, please respond to this email with whatever I M U R means to you. Because it will strengthen our definition of how to move forward with this project and probably provide some lols. It doesn’t have to be long or profound just anything and we’ll randomly select a winner. Thanks guys!

Much Love, 


Oh and the other request from last newsletter was for nudes so hear you go :
Top Photo by Kyle James Patrick, luh you bb.

Derpletter 1 : Inception


Oh wuh'sah?! Welcome to the newsletter!

Mikey here. I wanted to start with a recap of who the hell I M U R is and how we started so that we can start getting to know each other better. 
Jenny and I met on a bright and windy fall day in October 2014 here in Vancouver, BC. I was doing hip hop production for another local group (still do occasionally) called The People North West. The rapper, Evan Young Butter (Budda? Buddah? Butta?) Elman, had met Jenny through a mutual friend and wanted to bring her on for a hook. The track we were recording was about some lil thug who’s gangster life was really missing some smooches from a beautiful babe (so relatable). One of J’s lines was “Oh no, and I’m on the block // Already got three strikes and a loaded glock”. Not exactly personal experience rap but Jenny’s smoky voice fit perfectly. Here’s the only remaining evidence of this track besides an Ableton set on a dusty hard drive somewhere.
The track never actually went anywhere, dunno why, it’s flames. But Jenny and I got along really well so whenever I had a track that needed something other than rap I would send it to her in Nelson via carrier pigeon. It sucked because a lot of the time the beats got eaten by larger birds of prey.

Jenny would send back the track with macbook microphone scratch vocals overtop and say “I dunno, I wrote them in like 10 minutes and its probably garbage and I need to work more on them and I’m a totally terrible songwriter but here it is anyways.” Of course they were actually fantastic.

Two songs that we started this way made it onto our first EP : Bad Neighbourhood and Wilkins.

April came around and Jenny had a little stash of songs that she had written while travelling in Costa Rica and some dinero in the banko from winning the Music BC Emerging Artist Award. J offered to pay me $500 to produce the single for the EP with the intention that I would produce the rest given the single worked out. At the time, I was packing my bags for a “Holy shit I finished UBC engineering” surf trip to Nicaragua, so I thought : $500 to make beats!? FUCK YEA, that’s my plane ticket!

So while I was down south and it was too hot to surf, I'd hide out in the shade and work on this track.

After finishing this track, Jenny and I were convinced we had something. I had ideas about how we could turn our new found sound into a live performance. Jenny had been GRINDING in Nelson on her singer/songwriter tip and had booked a daytime set at Shambhala’s Amphitheater stage. She reached out to the stage manager about bringing me on board and gave him our demo. He sent me a contract. Shit got real. Quick. We didn’t even have a name at the time.

I moved into a house in East Van with a spare bedroom and a walk in closet that I set up as a production studio. Jenny moved to the city from Nelson and found a place just a few blocks away. From June to the beginning of August we locked ourselves away in the studio producing Slow Dive, all while playing as many live shows as we could to ready ourselves for our festival debut. By August 4th, we were packing the Spaceboat (Gold Dodge Caravan) up for Shambhala with 100 physical copies of Slow Dive in tow… Amongst other things…

Alright this concludes I M U R's Inception. But yo, this is being sent to your personal email address, so I’d personally like to know what we can provide for you in this email newsletter. Are you interested in how we produce tracks? How I make beats? How Jenny thinks of vocal melodies (still a mystery to me). Are you interested in knowing how much money I spend at Matchstick Coffee? Because I frankly am not. But regardless, we want to hear from you, so please hit that reply button and say wuddup. 

Much Love,